Pink or Blue?!? (6/2/16)

On June 2nd we went in for our anatomy scan. I was eager to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl, but mostly I was just so nervous about whether or not our baby looked healthy. They did all of the measurements and stayed pretty quiet, as usual. She was very nice though and answered all 704 of my questions. She could tell I was nervous and started walking me through every piece of it, telling me everything was normal as she progressed. Then, as she was zooming in for the money shot, I was paying close attention. I didn’t see any boy parts between the legs, and instantly I was sad – It’s a girl… I wanted a boy. But then, she moved the wand a little, and HELLO! It’s a boy! I gasped and Mark was like, “What?!?” She said, “Oh – you saw it… those are boys parts.” Mark was thrilled – he walked Keegan up to the screen and said, “That’s your future competition.” Ha. It’s funny… I was instantly happy it was a boy, then I was sad… maybe I kind of wanted a girl. I’ve always imagined myself as a boy mom, but I think I’d really enjoy having a little girl, too. Maybe someday…. The tech finished up, and she told me everything looked great and she had all the pictures she needed. Mark took Keegan to daycare and he went to work. I had to wait for my appointment with Dr. Schultz. This all went well. She didn’t have the final report from the radiologist, but she said everything looked good from the one page summary. And that was about all we talked about at that appointment. 

The next day I received an email that said the radiologist couldn’t get a good look at the feet or upper lip, so I had to schedule another ultrasound to get more pictures. Ugh… of course I was immediately worried something was wrong. Dr. Schultz reassured me that there wasn’t any indication of a problem, just that the images weren’t good enough to rule anything out. Earlier in my pregnancy, I had decided to do the NT test, and the results were 1 in >10,000, so I was optimistic, but still worried. Luckily, I had another ultrasound a week later (that was such a long week… constant worrying) and the radiologist confirmed that the feet and lip both looked normal. Phew. I could rest easy for a little bit. Well not really, since I’m just a terrible worrier, but at least I know the odds are in our favor, and my little boy looks great!

I had to share the news with my co-workers of course!


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