Father’s Day (6/19/16)

We had a busy, wonderful Father’s Day weekend! We started the weekend by going up to Spooner. Saturday morning we went to the Dairy Breakfast (seems odd to me now that we brought our dairy allergy son to a dairy breakfast… more on that later) and Keegan got to see a bunch of the animals and play around on the farm. It was really busy. Grandma Katie was working with a couple of Mark’s cousins, so we got the best pancakes of course – haha. The breakfast was really good, I just wish Keegan could have had some. I was able to get him some ham since it was roasted in cooker all by itself – no dairy involved. He loved that. After the dairy breakfast, we headed over to Burnett Dairy’s Dairy Days. June is Dairy month in Wisconsin – hence all the dairy activities. We go to Burnett Dairy a lot – they really do have the best cheese anywhere. If you’re ever in the Grantsburg area, make sure to stop. We had some cheese curds, bought some other cheese, and Keegan got a balloon and dairy-free gift bag! It had a coloring book and a couple toys in it. It was a win for all of us.


We got back to the house and relaxed for a little bit before heading to Joe’s wedding (Mark’s step-cousin). The wedding was really nice. It ended up be blazing hot out right as the ceremony started, and after about 10-15 minutes Keegan was starting to get a little loud… so, I brought him into the truck to sit with me in the air conditioning. It was a much needed break from outside. Keegan loved being able to run around outside while we ate Pizza Hut (yep – that was dinner – it was awesome. I wish all weddings had pizza hut cater!). We of course had a separate dinner we brought for him, knowing he probably couldn’t have what was being served at the wedding. It was still pretty hot out, so my little man was pretty sweaty and dirty. Exactly how a little boy should be in the summer.

 We actually drove home after the wedding so we could wake up at home Father’s Day morning. Being pregnant, I drove since Mark was taking in the wedding festivities – haha. We got home and crashed. It was a long day, and it was nice to be in bed. The next morning I gave Mark his present – a Duluth Trading company bundle. It included five pairs of Armachillo Boxers (he hadn’t used these before, and they’re his absolute favorite now – being a mechanic and working in hot, summer conditions, he has said these boxers have seriously changed his life!), they’re pricey, but worth it, and some Dry on the Fly shorts (he loves the shorts too – says they’re the most comfortable shorts he’s ever worn… guess I might have to buy him the Dry on the Fly pants for his birthday!). I’m so glad he liked his presents to much – I usually try really hard to give people great presents, and it’s especially important to me that Mark always likes his presents since I love him so damn much. He opened his card from Keegan – it was made at daycare. So cute – “Yoda Best Dad” using his footprint. Love!

Keegan being a total little boy at the wedding!
After Mark opened his presents, we headed over to Hudson (North Hudson – very close to Stillwater) to meet some of my family for Brunch at Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse. We met my dad, Cheryl, Spencer, Lacy, and Boston there for lunch. It was good to see my dad and brother on Father’s Day so we could all celebrate by eating a bunch of meat together lol. Of course, I wasn’t sure what Keegan would be able to eat there, so I packed him up a sandwich, which he ate like a champ when we got there. I also snuck him a little brisket since that was clearly allergen free. Thank goodness. Boston was a little hellion and Spencer was getting pretty tired of trying to contain him – the joys of a 2 ½ year old boy haha! I took him and played some video games for a while, then Mark brought them over to the pool table. The boys are so cute together – I love it. 

After brunch we took a couple pictures and headed back to the cities. Before going straight home, we decided to stop down at the Old Spaghetti Factory parking lot to re-make a picture of Mark and Keegan from last year. Almost exactly 12 months later (12 months, 13 days later). We’re enormous Vikings fans, so we’ve been paying close attention to our new stadium being built. The first picture was taken June 6, 2015 when the stadium was just starting to take a shape. The second picture was taken June 19 – one month before the grand opening of the new stadium. Gives me chills. My little baby has grown so much in the last 12 months – makes me so sad and happy at the same time. So has my stadium!

Of course, we also had to capture the annual “DAD” pictures!! These were done a little later than Father’s Day, but close enough!


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