Keegan – Soon to be Big Brother!

On Sunday, February 21, Mark and I were just sitting around playing with Keegan and relaxing inside – avoiding the seemingly never-ending cold weather. I went upstairs to take a shower and was digging through my bathroom shelves looking for new shampoo or something. Then I saw a box of pregnancy tests sitting there and that got me thinking. Maybe too much information here, but I had only had three periods since Keegan was born since they didn’t come back until he was 6 months old. They weren’t exactly on time, so I hadn’t really bothered to figure out my cycle yet. But, seeing the pregnancy tests made me think about it, and I hadn’t had one in a awhile. Not like crazy long, but long enough to suddenly become suspicious. So I decided to take one. Who would have thought that in two short minutes I’d find out that we were adding another little babe to our family. When it said positive, I wasn’t really sure how to react. Shock kind of took over, followed by immediate excitement, ending with a little bit of fright. I wasn’t afraid to have another baby, we just hadn’t been planning on it at the moment, so it was a little surprising! In my bathrobe, I walked downstairs with the stick in my hand in my bathrobe, and stood in front of Mark (Keegan was napping on his lap). He looked at me, concerned because I was just staring at him because I had apparently forgotten how to speak. Eventually, I just showed him the test and sat down on the couch. He laughed! He was immediately excited. “Two little boys” he said. HA! Obviously, we had no idea if it was a boy or girl at this point, but Mark’s always believed we’ll only have boys. But, we knew I was pregnant, so he had a 50% chance of being right! I immediately texted Ashley and told her. Mark told his mom. Then I went and finally took that shower, haha. The next couple weeks dragged on – I had re-entered paranoid pregnant woman mode. I worry about every possible thing when I’m pregnant – every symptom, or lack thereof, and feeling. Luckily, all of my ultrasounds had looked great, and baby 2 was measuring right on track. At 14 weeks we decided to make our announcement to everyone on Facebook (because you’re not really pregnant until you tell the world via Facebook).These were taken as part of Keegan’s 1-Year photos – big thanks to Amber at Today is Forever Photograpgy!


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