Keegan is One!

Time seems to keep speeding up. Keegan turned one on March 31. Mark and I had Thurs (3/31) and Fri (4/1) off, except my work was busy so I had to go in Friday afternoon to get some filings out. But, we had a great day for his birthday. I woke up a little early and put streamers down his door and wrapped his presents. When he woke up he loved the streamers – he kept laughing and pointing as we were running through them back and forth. We then ate breakfast. Keegan had a frosted waffle and some sausage – he loved it. Because of his allergies we had to use his normal Vans waffles, and luckily, there are a lot of Pillsbury frostings that are milk/egg free. I’m sure that means they’re just loaded with sugar! But, that’s ok – it was his birthday! After breakfast we went downstairs and he opened all of his presents. We went overboard. Among his many presents, Mark got him three hockey nets (two different set). He’s really going to push this hockey thing I think… He also got a Mickey Car, a Mickey Ball Pit, some stacking toys, and his first  blanket – an Aden & Anais Dream Blanket.  After he opened all of his toys, we went to Toys R Us so he could pick out his own toy. I want this to be a family tradition. We’re still going to get him a gift, but I want to bring him and let him find something he really wants too. He “picked out” a Mickey Mouse choo choo tent, a cobbler’s bench, a roll and glow monkey, and a new swim outfit. Next year we’ll probably only let him pick out one thing.

His party was on Saturday and it was great. We had a good turn out: Ashley, Grace, Dad, Cheryl, Mom, Grandma Goski, Pandie, Phil, Grandma Mary, Uncle Pat, Olivia, Belle, Jen, Scott, Molly, Chip, Jaime, Eric, Josh, Jen and Nora). I made him a special cake (no eggs or milk!) and used the Pillsbury frosting. He didn’t even really try his cake, but he dove right into the frosting and wasn’t afraid to shovel it in! I hadn’t realized how stressful getting a birthday party ready would be. But, we had a lot to do. It was all worth it though. He had a lot of fun and got some great gifts from some wonderful people!


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