Eau Claire “Trip”

On April 27 after work, we went over to Eau Claire for the weekend. The first night we stayed at theClarion hotel – across the street from where Mark and I met (Adam’s Automotive). The hotel was fine. We just wanted somewhere to stay for the one night so we could be there in the morning for our former boss’s mother’s wake. It was sad to be there, but also good to catch up with him and his wife. After the wake, we stopped to see another friend we used to work with and catch up, introduce him to Keegan, and basically just chat for a couple hours. Then, we checked into Metropolis Waterpark for the next couple days. Thursday morning before the wake, I had a call with the VP of Regulatory at my work because I had been offered a new job and was on the fence. He gave me a lot of good advice and with that I made the tough decision not to accept the new offer. I had been going back and forth over and over again over what I should do, so it was nice to finally have that off of my plate so I could enjoy the next few days off with family. Mark’s mom and Dad met us up there. We did a little mini-golf, had some good Mexican food, did the whole waterpark thing, and just visited. My dad, Spencer, and Boston came up on the last day, as well as Krista and Simon. It was a fun day at the waterpark! The only real bummer about the weekend was how cold the water was. Even I was having trouble because it was so cold. Luckily, the lazy river was always warm, and Keegan really seemed to like it in his canopy that Ashley got him for his birthday.


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