Where has the time gone?

Time is Flying. I didn’t know it could go this fast…


Somehow, my baby is 10 months old. How did that happen? Time has never moved so quickly in my life. As I watch him reach milestone after milestone, I find myself so proud, happy, and excited, mixed in with a little sadness at how quickly he’s growing. But, 2015 was the best year of my life, so I guess I’ll just keep reminding myself that it keeps getting better and I’ll just continue to enjoy everything my son does.


So what milestones has Keegan hit? Well, he has been a teething machine; he has 8 teeth now (8/15/15: bottom center left; 8/31/15: bottom center right; 11/13/15: top center left; 11/16/15: top center right; 11/20/15: bottom left of center ; 12/13/15 top left of center 1/4/16: top right of center; bottom right of center).


He started army crawling/scooting the end of September; and then started real crawling with his stomach off the floor 12/22/15 – there were a couple times before that where he would normal crawl for a foot or two, but it didn’t really catch on until 12/22.


I was home with him on 11/20 when he pulled himself up on a Pampers box and not only did he get pulled up to kneeling, but then he stood right up while balancing his hands on it. He apparently goes all out when he’s going to break a milestone…


Here’s a recap of the main events we’ve had over the last few months:


Trying the Switch to Formula

Well, this didn’t work. I’m still nursing, and I actually really enjoy it, but it’s not the easiest to do at work. I have a lactation room provided, but having to run downstairs twice a day for a ½ hour each time isn’t the easiest when I’m busy at work – and I have to compete for reservations with a bunch of other nursing moms. But, we tried to transition him to formula – the same formula he was supplemented with in the hospital until my milk came in – and he broke out in hives on his face and started wheezing. Of course, I freaked out. We brought him to the ER on 10/19/15 and they took him right back and checked his vitals. He registered fine. So, they had me and Dad hangout with him in the waiting room for a couple hours before getting us back to a room where we found out he was fine. He’s of course allergic, but there wasn’t anything to be worried about that night. So, the pediatrician recommended we try it again, because milk protein allergies are rare. Ok. We tried again. Mark put a little dab of formula on his finger and put it in his mouth. He broke out again, but no wheezing. We’ve tried other things too – yogurt melts, mashed potatoes with a little milk in them, and baby mum mums (which apparently have TRACES of milk). He broke out with them all. So, we were pretty sure he has milk/dairy allergy.


We brought him to the allergist 1/19. They did some testing – they had to draw blood – it was terrible. I specifically asked the woman at the desk for someone who was used to drawing blood from a baby and she just told me they all could do it. I said again, I really want someone who has a lot of experience. They must have found the absolute worst person in the building. She had to prick him 5 TIMES. Then, she finally got the blood draw started when she took her hand off of the needle and it fell out before she was done. She had to prick him again. By this time he was crying. Her lab assistant was telling her all of the things she was doing wrong – I couldn’t believe this was who they assigned to draw Keegan’s blood. Finally, we’re done and we go to leave. I have him put in the carseat and am just buckling it up when that same woman comes out yelling for me, and says she missed one of the tests and she has to draw again. WTF!??!? I was so mad. I think she could tell that I was ready to scream at her because she went and got someone else to do the draw this time. The woman we had for the second draw was amazing. I held him again and she quickly found his vein – 1 poke, filled the bottle in a second. He was screaming because of the pain I’m sure, but it went quick. I will never go to the Park Nicollet clinic in St. Louis Park again after that. The test results came back and the doctor confirmed the milk allergy, and also said he has an egg white allergy, and peanut allergy. Ugh. We had to get an epipen ($550 in US, $107.50 from Canada Drugs – done!), and we’ll have to get him placed on a special diet at daycare. I’m so sad that he has to go through this. I’m praying that he’ll grow out of it. We have an appointment with a new allergist February 12, so we’ll learn more then.

Mark’s Birthday

Mark’s first birthday as a dad – his 33rd birthday was 10/15/15. He wanted to stay home, eat a nice steak dinner (grilled by him), and cake with buttercream frosting and ice cream (I handled the cake and frosting). Keegan and I gave him a Kindle Fire for his birthday present. Ashley and Grace came over and celebrated with us. It was a low-key, relaxing night – like he wanted.





Ashley offered to host this year – her first year in her new house! It was really nice. The only downside of the day was that we decided to give him the mashed potatoes mentioned above… and well, I’ve already explained how that turned out. He did great though. He played with his cousins and we took lots of pictures. He had an adorable first Thanksgiving outfit on too. He’s just so cute. My mom, sister Ashley, Grace, Spencer, Lacey, Boston, Sean, Dad, Cheryl, me, Mark, and Keegan were there. It was a nice relaxing Thanksgiving. It was a little short though because Ashley had to leave to catch a flight, but after she left we stuck around with Spence, Lacey, Boston, and my mom for a while.




Keegan’s first Christmas. Wow. I went overboard. I knew I would. I think this kid has more toys than Toys R Us. Keegan’s daycare is closed 12/24-1/2, so Mark and I took those days off so we could both be home. It was a nice break, except we had so many places to be. It was a little exhausting. We started by going to my aunt Tootsie’s Christmas Eve afternoon, then to my aunt Kim’s Christmas Eve night. Both parties were great – we got to hang out with a lot of family we hadn’t seen in a while, and we got to show Keegan off! After Kim’s we went back to Tootsie’s to play games with our cousins – a couple were up from Arkansas that we don’t see very often. It ended up being a late night, but Keegan was a trooper and went to bed in the spare pack and play. Christmas Eve night (technically Christmas morning), we got home and I started making the blueberry/cream cheese/French toast bake for Christmas morning. The night got even longer… After I had the French toast bake in the oven, I went through and got all of our stockings stuffed (including Silva and Durden!) and the presents under the tree. It was a long night. Ashley and Grace came over for Christmas brunch around 1030, we ate and opened presents. It was great.


We went up to Spooner that evening for Christmas dinner and presents. Mark and I were rushing to get ready after brunch and we had Keegan on the bed while we were packing. I turned around for one second to pick up a sock I dropped, Mark turned around at the same time… Keegan rolled right off the bed and chipped his front bottom tooth. I have never felt worse in my life! We decided to stop rushing so I could just rock Keegan until he calmed down. That day kind of opened my eyes, and I won’t spend a Christmas rushing like that again. It’s not worth it. Christmas is supposed to be a happy celebration, not a rush to get out the door. But, when we got up to Spooner it was great seeing Mark’s family (Grandma Mary, Mom, Dad, Jeff, John, Krista, and Simon). We had a great dinner, opened presents, and chatted. Keegan got some wonderful presents, and we were able to watch Simon open his Jurassic Park Legos we knew he really wanted. It was a really good day except for the fall off the bed, and Keegan’s massive blowout (ruining his Christmas Santa pants) on the drive up!




New Year’s Eve was a new experience for us this year. We were saying goodbye to 2015 – the year we got our little boy. I was emotional, but hid it well I think. We went to Josh, Jen, and Nora’s for the evening. Keegan and Nora decided to stay up all the way to midnight! So, we didn’t have a lot of time to chat and catch up, but it was still fun seeing them.



Amber’s Birthday

For my birthday we didn’t really do anything. Mark got me a DQ ice cream cake and Mark made me a pallet sign saying I Love U Most. We didn’t do dinner or anything; we just hung out at Ashley’s and picked up McDonald’s on the way home. Mark did give me flowers when I picked him up for lunch – we went to Which Wich. It was a very low key night.



Yep. Keegan had pneumonia. What an awful experience. The poor kid had a pretty routine cough/runny nose for a few days, and then one night it just turned. On 1/24 he was at daycare when they called and asked us to pick him up. Mark said when he got to daycare to pick him up he sounded completely different than he did that morning – much worse. I was stuck at work so Mark went and got him and brought him to the doctor to get checked. He got into the room when the doctor heard Keegan breathing and before he even talked to the nurse, the doctor got him on a nebulizer. After doing an exam, she said she was concerned about pneumonia and got an x-ray. Keegan got an x-ray!!! Mark said it was awful and that he screamed the entire time. It’s probably best I wasn’t there – I would have cried. But, I would have really liked to have been there for my baby. The x-ray confirmed her suspicions so we bought a nebulizer, picked up some albuterol, and also had to get some Augmentin because he also had a double ear infection.


It was a week doing the nebulizer every 4 hours (he was not a fan of the nebulizer – it was difficult to do when he was awake), and antibiotics every 12 hours, but it was totally worth it. Just 4 days later on Tuesday we brought him in to the same doctor (Dr. Coden-Festin – she was great – can’t say enough about how great she was) for a check-up on his pneumonia and ears and she couldn’t believe how much better he sounded. She told us we could start to wean him off of the nebulizer, but to continue the antibiotics for his ears. Hopefully after this he’ll be able to stay healthy for a while. It’s so terrible seeing him in pain/discomfort. I just wish I could take it away from him and go through myself instead. But, I can’t. So instead, I just do my best to keep him comfortable and happy!