Back in the Groove

I’m officially not in shock at being back to work anymore. I’ve pretty much found a working groove now. I really don’t enjoy waking up at 5 so I can be here by 7, but maybe I’ll get used to it and finally be a morning person! Or, more realistically, maybe I’ll just be tired 105% of my life. I’m pumping at work which is actually going ok. The only real problem I’ve had is trying to pump enough for this kid. He’s an eating machine right now. I pump in the morning before work, pump twice during the day, and once before bed just to try to have enough for him to eat the 8-9 hours he’s in daycare. I did buy a second pump so I can leave it at work. It’s so nice having two and not having to lug the same one back and forth. Totally worth it (especially since my insurance covered the cost of my first one). It’s going, but it’s not the easiest thing I’ve done. My work has a pretty good set up with private rooms downstairs that have sinks and fridges. I’m too afraid to use the fridge because what if some random person messed with the milk I had in there. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t happen, but I’d rather be 100% sure, so I just bring a cooler. I bought a hands-free pumping bra finally. I cannot explain how much better pumping is with this thing. I cannot believe I waited three months to get one. The room is in the basement, so I don’t have internet service, but with my new handy, dandy bra, I can read! So, I started re-reading Harry Potter. I’m just about done with the first book. I only pump for 15 minutes a time, and usually only read while pumping at work, so it’s not like I’m reading a book a day, but it’s nice to pass the time. 

 Keegan is growing so fast, and I feel like I’m missing so much of it. The daycare teachers absolutely adore him because he’s such a wonderful baby, and I’ve only had to complain once so far (he was hungry when I was there, so I asked for a bottle, but they said he had to wait until it had been 3 hours since his last feeding. I put a stop to that – this kid can eat whenever the hell he wants!). Every morning we wake up to Keegan cooing – loudly, and I can tell you, it’s the absolute best way to wake up in the morning. I would lay there all morning if I could. He smiles and giggles pretty much on cue now, so we basically spend our free time making funny faces and taking in weird voices. He seems to already be in full teething mode – constantly chewing on whatever he can get his hands on, including his hands!


Oh how our life has changed – so much for the better. But, with the beautiful weather we’ve had I can say that I do miss rooftop happy hours and late night patio dinners, but I wouldn’t trade what we have now for anything. Our small family is perfect. The only thing that would maybe make it better is for Keeg to have a little sibling, but we’ll see if that’s in the future! He turned three months on June 30, so we of course took our monthly photo op. He was still really wiggly, but he was so smiley. We got some great pictures – it was hard to choose a winner.



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