Back to Work

Back to Work

Well, I’m back at work. My little baby is at daycare and is apparently doing just fine! He’s doing much better than I am. I was a mess all of last week just thinking about having to go to work and not having all my time with him. But, I’m doing it. I’m ok. The daycare people are very nice, and Keegan is totally fine being there. Part of me was kind of hoping they’d call and tell me they can’t handle him because he just cries all the time without me… that is not the case. He apparently doesn’t care that he’s not with me all day anymore. Which is good, but makes me a little sad.

I work downtown, so I had to buy a parking spot at a ramp so I can have my car with me in case I ever need to leave to see him (or in case I miss him and need to go see him!). The places right by my work are all around $250/month, which I did not want to pay. So, I found a ramp (Ramp B by the Twins Stadium) that’s about 6 blocks away, but right on the light rail route. So, I’ll park there, ride the light rail in the 6 blocks and be good. The light rail pass is free with the parking pass for the downtown area only. And, they offer complimentary airport parking too, so that’s good because we like to vacation! 

I went and saw Keegan at daycare today. I fed him and rocked him to sleep. It was so nice. I hope I’m not too busy at work so I can keep going and seeing him as often as possible, but we’ll see. We have some big cases coming up, so I may be stuck at my desk the new year or so. 

Baby Gaga

I started freelance writing for BabyGaga this month. My first article was “8 Things You’ll Feel After Your Hellish Labor Is Over.” It’s been up on their website now for 10 days and has 151,385 reads. I’m pretty excited about it. I have a couple more assignments to work on, which I will. I’ve just been a little busy with spending my last week home with my son, and going back to work. I’m hoping to knock one out in the next few days. It’s a nice way to earn some extra cash now that we’re footing the bill for daycare, and get some freelance experience. 

Father’s Day

Mark had his first Father’s Day last weekend! I cooked him a brunch of Belgian waffles and frittata. I wrote him a Father’s Day poem, got him a Vikings golf bag, Titleist balls, and a picture frame. The picture frame holds three pictures, and each picture is of Keegan holding letter spelling “dad.” Then, we met my family at Fogo and had an early Father’s Day dinner. We got my dad a picture frame holding an 11×14 picture of Keegan, which is what he wanted. I kind of wanted to keep it!



On my last official day of maternity leave, we took Keegan swimming for the first time at the Brooklyn Center Community Center. He seemed to really like splashing around in the wading pool with Mark. I carried him around in the big pool for a little bit too, which he loved. I think we have ourselves a water baby!



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