Back to Work

Back to Work

Well, I’m back at work. My little baby is at daycare and is apparently doing just fine! He’s doing much better than I am. I was a mess all of last week just thinking about having to go to work and not having all my time with him. But, I’m doing it. I’m ok. The daycare people are very nice, and Keegan is totally fine being there. Part of me was kind of hoping they’d call and tell me they can’t handle him because he just cries all the time without me… that is not the case. He apparently doesn’t care that he’s not with me all day anymore. Which is good, but makes me a little sad.

I work downtown, so I had to buy a parking spot at a ramp so I can have my car with me in case I ever need to leave to see him (or in case I miss him and need to go see him!). The places right by my work are all around $250/month, which I did not want to pay. So, I found a ramp (Ramp B by the Twins Stadium) that’s about 6 blocks away, but right on the light rail route. So, I’ll park there, ride the light rail in the 6 blocks and be good. The light rail pass is free with the parking pass for the downtown area only. And, they offer complimentary airport parking too, so that’s good because we like to vacation! 

I went and saw Keegan at daycare today. I fed him and rocked him to sleep. It was so nice. I hope I’m not too busy at work so I can keep going and seeing him as often as possible, but we’ll see. We have some big cases coming up, so I may be stuck at my desk the new year or so. 

Baby Gaga

I started freelance writing for BabyGaga this month. My first article was “8 Things You’ll Feel After Your Hellish Labor Is Over.” It’s been up on their website now for 10 days and has 151,385 reads. I’m pretty excited about it. I have a couple more assignments to work on, which I will. I’ve just been a little busy with spending my last week home with my son, and going back to work. I’m hoping to knock one out in the next few days. It’s a nice way to earn some extra cash now that we’re footing the bill for daycare, and get some freelance experience. 

Father’s Day

Mark had his first Father’s Day last weekend! I cooked him a brunch of Belgian waffles and frittata. I wrote him a Father’s Day poem, got him a Vikings golf bag, Titleist balls, and a picture frame. The picture frame holds three pictures, and each picture is of Keegan holding letter spelling “dad.” Then, we met my family at Fogo and had an early Father’s Day dinner. We got my dad a picture frame holding an 11×14 picture of Keegan, which is what he wanted. I kind of wanted to keep it!



On my last official day of maternity leave, we took Keegan swimming for the first time at the Brooklyn Center Community Center. He seemed to really like splashing around in the wading pool with Mark. I carried him around in the big pool for a little bit too, which he loved. I think we have ourselves a water baby!



Two Months!

My baby is already two months! I go back to work in 2 1/2 weeks… I’m not doing well with the thought of that. I’m hoping the transition goes more smoothly than it has in my head. I can’t stomach the thought of someone else getting to hold him and comfort him all day, but I don’t really have any other option. I’m sure he’ll do better with it than I do.

02 Month


Keegan had his 2 month appointment on May 28. Dr. Reed says he is perfect. He weighed 13 lbs 10 oz (84th percentile), and measured at 24.75 inches long (99th percentile). The nurse actually measured him at 24.9 inches, but when she saw how big of a jump it was, she adjusted it to 24.75 inches assuming her measurement was a little off. I saw it – he was 24.9 inches, but the official record says 24.75, so that’s what I’ll go with.

I asked about when I should start him on rice cereal because he’s such a big baby, but the doctor told me not to worry about it now, He’s gaining weight, and looks wonderful. But, if he starts nursing constantly and I can’t keep up, that could be the indicator to start. Otherwise, his guideline is four months or 16 lbs. We’ll see if 16 pounds comes before four months!

At the appointment, he received his vaccinations (1 orally through a dropper, 3 shots – 1 in the left leg, 2 in the right). It was awful to watch. She started with the vaccination they give through a dropper, which he drank wonderfully. He sucked on the dropper like it was a straw, and the nurse said she had never seen any baby do that. She was impressed by how easily he took the dosage and said she bet he could even drink through a straw. He was in such a happy mood, smiling like crazy, then she stuck him with the first needle and his whole body jerked and he immediately started screaming. I was holding back tears. I sat and soothed him for a few minutes, then Dad took a turn.

Two Month Vaccs

He was crabby for about four days after – not a couple hours like we were told. The doctor did warn us that he could have a marble size lump in his leg where the injections went in up to the time he has his next shots (four months). He does have the lump now, but I’m hoping it goes down before his next appointment.

First Twins Game

On a happier note, Keegan got to go to his first Twins game on Sunday, May 31! His Godfather, Josh, won four tickets, so we went with Josh and his wife, Jen (she’s due with a baby girl October 1!). Target Field is so accommodating to children. They allow pumped breast milk, and also have a semi-private nursing area at guest services, they check strollers for free (even those with the infant car seat like ours, which is a huge stroller), and they give a certificate for their first game. He did get a little cranky so I had to hold him and walk around with him on the concourse until he calmed down (about two innings!), but that was ok. I think he was just overly tired and couldn’t fall asleep because it was so loud. I pulled him in close and started singing to him and he literally fell asleep within a minute. Next time, I will definitely have him in a wrap or ergo! The Twins beat the Toronto Blue Jays 6-5. We were trailing when we started walking to the car at the start of the 8th inning, but we heard the crowd cheering as we were leaving, and turned the game on in the car.

Keegan's First Twins Game IMG_3800 IMG_8731 IMG_8836

Urgent care

On June 1 I had to bring Keegan to urgent care for the first time. He was having this weird choking thing happening. It started in the morning after he ate for the first time. I put him in his crib and was pumping, then all of the sudden he started gasping. I jumped up spilled some milk, and by the time I was over the crib he had caught his breath. Then the same thing happened three times while he was eating. It didn’t really seem to bother him after he caught his breath – he’d just go back to eating, so I tried not to worry too much about it. Then, he was sleeping in my arms and the same thing happened – arms flailing, eyes popped open and he started gasping. He caught his breath right away, but I decided to call the nurse line to be safe. They told me to bring him to urgent care right away just to make sure, because “when things go down hill with babies this small, they go down hill fast.” The nurse on the line scared the hell out of me by saying that. I think she could tell because then she went on to tell me that it’s likely nothing, but he should come in just in case. So we brought him to Park Nicollet in Champlin. The doctor checked him out and said he looked perfect and that he  wasn’t worried – I should keep my eye on him, call if it gets worse or he develops any other symptoms. It did happen again that night, and it last a lot longer, but he was eating again and I think the milk got stuck. It hasn’t happened since, so I’m really hoping it was from the excessive drooling that day.

Urgent Care

Love Him!

I’ve really been loving my time home with him, even though he’s been a fussier this last week. He’s waking up at 3 am, and not really napping well during the day. Just fussy! He’s not really comfortable unless he’s being held, and he really likes being held while I’m walking around. I really need to master putting on my wrap, so it’s more comfortable. We’ve had a few nice days, so I was able to take him for a walk too. It was sunny, so I had to get out his shades – he’s such a stud!

Getting Ready for his walk.

Is it possible that he’s already teething? He was really, really fussy one night, and nothing would work. We grabbed one of his teething toys we got at one of my showers, and he chewed on it for almost an hour. Last night he was fussy again, so I gave him his Sophie to chew on and he loved it. He sat and just chewed and chewed… makes me wonder… I know it’s early, but he’s been drooling and chewing so much!

Meeting More Relatives

Keegan finally got to meet his Greats on the Hedlund side when we went to Noah’s graduation on May 30 [Great Grandma Katie, Great Grandpa Jack, Great Aunt Pam, Great (soon to be) Uncle Terry, Great Uncle Pat, and Great Aunt Karen (along with some second cousins too]. We even got to take a four generation photo of the Hedlund men!Four Generations