One Month Already

My baby boy is already one month old.  How did this already happen?  Tomorrow is the first of May already?!?  June 22nd is coming way too fast.  I can’t believe how much different Keegan looks from when he was born.  His monthly stats are 12 lbs, inches.  Everyone keeps telling me how fast the time goes, but I really didn’t believe it until I woke up this morning realizing my baby was already one month old.  It really feels like we brought him home two weeks ago.  Ugh… in a blink of an eye he’ll be a teenager.

Enough of me being sad thinking about going back to work and my precious little man growing up (and McDreamy being killed off on Grey’s – my most favorite show which I will never watch again)… on to some happy thoughts!  So… what have we learned in a month??  Keegan is still a very happy baby.  He loves to EAT, sleep, watch Wild playoff hockey (according to Mark), and have tummy time.  He dislikes being hungry, having his arms swaddled, and dogs barking.  Not much too complain about!  He’s had a ton of visitors, and has met his entire immediate family except for Uncle Pete and Aunt Kyndra.  

Mark has been back at work since last Monday, and is really missing being home with us.  Now that it’s just me during the day, I’ve started to master one-handed tasks, blindfolded diaper changes, and functioning with little sleep.  But, the sleep really isn’t too big of a problem because he is sleeping for at least a four-hour stretch each night.  Our biggest issue is how often he eats.  I’m doing my best to keep up on my own, and am really hoping not to have to supplement.  We’ll see though – this baby is growing like a weed!  

We’ve had the pleasure of using Poly-Vi-Sol, which we won’t be using again.  The poor babe was constipated and gassy for over a day.  He was just crying and crying trying to deal with it.  We only gave it to him twice and since stopping, he’s back to his happy baby self.  He still gets gassy at times, but nothing like he was after the Poly.  We have his one month appointment on Tuesday with Dr. Reed, so I’ll be asking about a better vitamin supplement for him.  

Other than that, we’re just continuing to learn more and more about our boy, and watching him grow before our eyes.  One month is already gone… I hope time slows down.  

I made Keegan have a little photo shoot for his one month celebration.  He was pretty cooperative!  Happy one month, Keegan!



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