One Month Already

My baby boy is already one month old.  How did this already happen?  Tomorrow is the first of May already?!?  June 22nd is coming way too fast.  I can’t believe how much different Keegan looks from when he was born.  His monthly stats are 12 lbs, inches.  Everyone keeps telling me how fast the time goes, but I really didn’t believe it until I woke up this morning realizing my baby was already one month old.  It really feels like we brought him home two weeks ago.  Ugh… in a blink of an eye he’ll be a teenager.

Enough of me being sad thinking about going back to work and my precious little man growing up (and McDreamy being killed off on Grey’s – my most favorite show which I will never watch again)… on to some happy thoughts!  So… what have we learned in a month??  Keegan is still a very happy baby.  He loves to EAT, sleep, watch Wild playoff hockey (according to Mark), and have tummy time.  He dislikes being hungry, having his arms swaddled, and dogs barking.  Not much too complain about!  He’s had a ton of visitors, and has met his entire immediate family except for Uncle Pete and Aunt Kyndra.  

Mark has been back at work since last Monday, and is really missing being home with us.  Now that it’s just me during the day, I’ve started to master one-handed tasks, blindfolded diaper changes, and functioning with little sleep.  But, the sleep really isn’t too big of a problem because he is sleeping for at least a four-hour stretch each night.  Our biggest issue is how often he eats.  I’m doing my best to keep up on my own, and am really hoping not to have to supplement.  We’ll see though – this baby is growing like a weed!  

We’ve had the pleasure of using Poly-Vi-Sol, which we won’t be using again.  The poor babe was constipated and gassy for over a day.  He was just crying and crying trying to deal with it.  We only gave it to him twice and since stopping, he’s back to his happy baby self.  He still gets gassy at times, but nothing like he was after the Poly.  We have his one month appointment on Tuesday with Dr. Reed, so I’ll be asking about a better vitamin supplement for him.  

Other than that, we’re just continuing to learn more and more about our boy, and watching him grow before our eyes.  One month is already gone… I hope time slows down.  

I made Keegan have a little photo shoot for his one month celebration.  He was pretty cooperative!  Happy one month, Keegan!



I’m a Mom!?!

Well, it’s official.  Keegan is almost two weeks old, and I’m a mom.  It still seems odd to say.  While making his first pediatrician appointment, I had to clarify the appointment was “for my son,” and even that sounded weird to me!  We went in as planned on Sunday, March 29 (7:30 pm) for the induction.  They gave me a gel to help ripen things up, which worked, and I had mild contraction Monday morning.  Dr. Schultz broke my water at 4:30 pm, Monday.  It was an uncomfortable feeling having my water broke and the leaking… oh the leaking… Mark of course was perfect and took care of me better than the nurses (the nurses were pretty great though too).  Then he left to get some dinner.  I couldn’t eat, so I asked him to eat wherever he went – I’m guessing Which Wich or Subway.  That’s when the real contractions started.  My Mom was with me (she got to the hospital before noon on Monday), but she was drawing so I just sat in gripping the bed in pain trying not to show how bad it was.  Then I asked her to go look at the printout and tell me what the contractions looked like.  She was shocked how many there were and how big they were measuring.  They were about 90 seconds long, and were only 1-2 minutes apart.  It was not fun.  The nurse checked me at 5pm and I had moved to 5 cm from 2-3 cm!  I was hoping to wait until Mark got back before I asked for the epidural, but at this point he had been gone an hour, so I asked the nurse when she came in.  She put me on the list, but the anesthesiologist was with someone else at the moment, and told me she’d be with me in about 15 minutes.  Mark got back after being gone an hour and 20 minutes (not sure what took him so long!!!), and I told him the epidural should be here any minute.  He felt terrible that contractions got bad after he left.  I told him it was no big deal, even though I really would have liked him there with me.  There was no way to know that’s when it was going to start, though.  So, then we continued to wait, and wait, and wait.  What was supposed to be 15 minutes for the epidural turned into 1 hour, 45 minutes – I got the epidural around 7 pm.  It was not fun.  At least Mark was with me for the last 1 1/2 hours before the epidural came.  I ended up standing when Mark got there because it seemed to help the pain a bit.  By this point, my sister was also up at the hospital with us.  We had a pretty enormous labor and delivery room, so there was plenty of room.  The nurse told us our room used to be two smalls room, but they decided to open it up.  

The epidural was not fun.  It hurt (nerve pain, not contraction pain) more than I was expecting and sent a stinging feeling down my right leg.  However, once it kicked in… oh my.  If Mark and I decide to have another child, I will definitely be getting the epidural again!  I literally didn’t feel a thing after that.  They put in the catheter and I was good to just lay in bed until the baby came.  Easier said than done though, since he wouldn’t come out.  The contractions were still happening after I had the epidural, but they were less frequent.  The four of us watched movies and chatted most of the night.  Someone stayed in the chair by my bed all night – starting with Mark, then Mom, then Ash.  Ashley and Mom shared a bed on the floor – it didn’t look very comfortable!  It was nice having them there.  Mark was able to catch some sleep while they sat with me.  I was up most of the night, but did sleep for an hour or so. The nurses kept coming in to check on me, so it was hard to actually get good sleep.  

At 6:30 am, I hadn’t moved from 5 cms.  So, the doctor came in told me we needed to do a c-section.  I wasn’t progressing, and Keegan’s heart rate was starting to rise.  They moved so fast.  Mark was the only one allowed in the operating room with me, so they got him all gowned up, which wasn’t the easiest task.  The first pair of pants they got him didn’t have a hole for the string, so the string was stuck in the waist line.  Then the second pair ripped when he was putting them on.  So, he ended up using his knife to fix the first pair and he was ready to go.  They brought me back to the operating room first.  They basically completely stripped me of all clothing and had me just lying on the table naked… awkward.  They had the curtain up so I couldn’t see below my neck. Then they let Mark come in.  They had the Keegan out at 7:02 am.  Like I said, they moved fast!  Mark stood up to take pictures, I just waited to hear him cry – then he did.  They lowered the curtain so I could see him.  He was perfect.  All of the time I spent worrier was for nothing.  There was our son, and he was absolutely perfect.  I cried.  Not sobs, but definitely tears.  Dr. Schultz and the nurses all were taking guesses at home much he weighed.  The closest was one of the nurses who guessed 10 lbs 5 oz.  Keegan weighed in at 10 lbs 4 oz, and 22 1/4″.  Big boy!  Dr. Schultz pointed out how there was a cone on the side of his head, which meant he was in the birth canal crooked and there was no way he was coming out.  She also told me she was glad I had the c-section, because pushing him out would not have been easy.  I would have liked a vaginal birth, but I’m just happy he’s healthy and there weren’t any complications.  

So, how’s it going so far?  Wonderful.  I’m in awe of the amazing, perfect, little person Mark and I created.  Every noise, face, movement he makes is perfect.  I could never have imagined the amount of love I have for him.  He’s a pretty great sleeper, too!  He usually eats every two hours or so during the day, with a big meal around 1 am, then waking up between 4-6 am.  Then he usually goes back to sleep for at least a few hours.  He hasn’t been colicky or really crabby yet.  Last night he did get a little fussy for an hour or two, but I’m guessing that has something to do with the deluxe pizza I ate, and it giving him some gas.  

We’ve been calling him Super Baby.  The day he was born he was already lifting his head and looking around.  He’s so strong and aware.  Super Baby.




His newborn photos are scheduled for tomorrow at 11:30 am, but then we won’t get the pictures for around 4 weeks.  We did get some photos at the hospital from First Day Photo on April 2.  They are ok… I bought the whole package just because I couldn’t bear to not have them, but they weren’t cheap, and his photos aren’t great.  He was a little crabby and the photographer had to keep pulling his pacifier out before each shot, so he face is puckered in a lot of pictures.  He’s still adorable, but I’m looking forward to pictures that really show what he looks like, and not just his puckered face!  There are a few pictures I did absolutely love though – they’re below.  


His first pediatrician appointment was April 8.  It was pretty uneventful.  We didn’t get to see the pediatrician we’re using for his primary care because he (Dr. Reed) was booked for a few weeks.  So, we saw an available pediatrician.  She was ok, but not the most personable, and I’m very glad we have Dr. Reed for the remaining appointments.  The doctor looked at him really quick, said he looked great.  He does have a clogged tear duct though, which makes his eye get all oozed shut.  I feel so bad for him, but the pediatrician said there’s nothing we can do but wait it out, since most cases are cleared within a year.  A YEAR.  That seems like way too long for our baby to have to deal with this.  I’ve looked online and found some recommended massages I’m doing, but other than that, we’ll have to wait until our next appointment, May 5.