Keegan Jack is Here!


Born on March 31, 2015 at 7:02 am via c section.  Weighing 10 pounds, 4 ounces, and 22 1/4″ tall.  

We arrived at the hospital Sunday, March 29 at 7:30 pm.  We started the induction process around 8:30 pm that night, and starting having seriously painful contractions around 5pm on Monday, March 30.  By 7pm I had the epidural and was ready to get going!  However, despite trying, Keegan just couldn’t get out.  His head was where it was supposed to be, he was just too big.  We stalled out at 5 cms dialated, and even though I was still having contractions (but couldn’t feel anything besides pressure – thank God for the epidural!), the doctor decided at 6am Tuesday, March 31 that a c section would be needed.  They got me in and out and the procedure went really well.

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Overdue – 40 Weeks, 3 Days

Keegan is late… he must already be on Hedlund time!  To say I’m anxious is a major understatement.  Everything is painful at this point… rolling from side to side in bed, trying to get out of bed, and especially those first few steps walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Mark is being pretty calm and relaxed about the whole thing, but I can tell he’s getting really anxious too.  I mean, we’ve been counting down to March 22, 2015 since we found out I was pregnant.  That’s a long time.  Aside from how miserable I feel, I just want him to be here so we can meet him, hold him, and take him home!  On top of that, I’ve spent so much time worrying about all the what-ifs, what if he has downs, what if he has a disorder they couldn’t see on an ultrasound, what if he’s missing toes?!?  Finally seeing him and holding him is the only thing that will give me some piece of mind.  However, I’m told that’s when the real worrying begins!  I’m already so worried about SIDS and all of the possible sicknesses going around right now (which reminds me… VACCINATE!), that I’m sure the worrying I’ve done during pregnancy is the least of it.  


I had what was my last scheduled prenatal appointment and ultrasound yesterday.  He still looks great on the ultrasound, so that’s good.  I’ve actually lost 5 pounds in the last two weeks, but she said that’s normal since Keegan is taking up so much space now.  I guess there’s not a lot of room for the stomach to fill up.  I was worried that it might mean he’s not growing, but she said since he’s getting perfect scores on all of his BPP ultrasounds, there’s no reason to worry.  My fluid level looks great, and he’s basically just comfy hanging out in there.  So, she scheduled me for an NST on Friday, a blood pressure check (my bp was a little high at 133/85, so they want to check it again just to be safe), and a cervix check.  At my appointment on Tuesday, the cervix check was terrible.  She messed around trying to see if she could help move labor along, but no sign of labor yet, 24 hours later.  I’m not going to sugar coat it – it hurt and was very uncomfortable.  But, I will do it again on Friday if it means I won’t have to be induced.  Right now, my induction is scheduled for Sunday night.  We go in at 7pm and start with a gel that will dialate the cervix, then Monday morning start the Pitocin.  I’d really like to avoid this route.  While I know there are tons of babies born every day being induced with Pitocin, I’d much rather have it be natural so I don’t have to worry about all of the side effects of Pitocin.  I’m guessing they’re rare, but still… just another thing to worry about.  So, cross your fingers for us and hopefully we have some good news soon!  I’m really hoping he stays a March baby, but who knows… an April Fool’s baby might be fun too!


To pass the time while I’m waiting to go in to labor, I did another crafting project I found on Pinterest.  I made some burp clothes using the extra fabric we had from the canvases and window cornices.  They’re nothing fancy, but I realized we only had four burp clothes, so I thought I’d make some more.  I made 10 total using 4 pieces of fabric and cloth diapers we picked up at Target.  Below are the four fabrics I used.  You can find the how to here


Crafts, Ultrasounds

Almost to the Finish Line!

This is me at 39 weeks… WOW

Looks like we settled on the name 🙂 Keegan Jack Hedlund

…Or I’ll just have to buy a new letter for that first canvas!

Finishing the Nursery!

With only six days until my due date is here, I’m starting to realize that he could literally be here any day now.  Which means I’m in full-on nesting mode…  We’ve closed out all of our registries and we’re so close to being done with the nursery (basically just need to wipe everything down and vacuum!).  We even found our rocking chair!  It only took going to 10+ stores to find it.  We had ordered one from Buy Buy Baby, which had a 10-12 week wait that we were willing to deal with, but then they called us and told is it would be an additional 10-12 weeks, so we said forget it.  We finally found the perfect Swivel/Glider/Recliner at Ashley Furniture in Fridley.  AND, it was 36% off because we paid for it instead of requesting financing, bringing the total to only $370!  I am honestly shocked at how hard it was to find a small-ish, grey recliner.  So glad that’s done.  

Here’s a picture of it in our nursery.


I hope we get the final touches done this week. Last weekend we got all of the laundry done, organized the nursery, bathroom, and cabinets (lots of bottles and other baby goodies), and started packing hospital bags.  We did go to the MN State Hockey Tourney, my brother’s in WI to watch our nephew Boston for the day, and my cousin Tina’s on Sunday to look at some baby stuff she was selling.  So, I didn’t leave a lot of room open to get a bunch done last weekend, but we did pretty good!


We’ve tackled a few projects recently.  We created some canvas decor for the walls, a photo board, and window cornices.  For the photoboard we used a $10 corkboard from Target, some quilt batting, ribbon, and buttons from Michael’s, and the Dr. Seuss fabric I got from SR Harris.  So, I think the walls are covered!  The window cornices used wood from Menards, a lot of staples, quilt batting, and whale fabric from JoAnn.  It was not easy because I had to sow the fabric in two spots because the two windows on one wall run together, which meant one big window cornice!  We also painted the doors and a book shelf Ralph Lauren Turret Stair (found it at Hirschfield’s) to match the black/brown Ikea dresser and nightstand.  It actually matches pretty close!  It was around $40 for the gallon, and we have a bunch left.  I might paint the doors in our basement the same color because I love it.  





Mark has done so much to help bring all of my projects to life.  I am so thankful to have him, and he does it all with a smile just because he wants me to be happy.  I love that man so much!!

Baby H is a Big Boy!

We had our last growth scan on February 27.  He looked great.  They’re guessing he already weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces.  All I could think was ouch.  That was at 36 weeks 5 days.  What’s he going to weigh when he gets here?  Honestly, as long as he’s healthy, I will be perfectly happy.  He’s in the 86th percentile for weight, and his “nice, large” tummy is in the 95th.  Wowsa.  I was immediately concerned thinking that’s too big; there must be a problem with his stomach, but the doctor isn’t concerned at all, so I’m trying not to worry.  Of course I’m still worrying about all of the unknowns.  Will he have a disorder they didn’t catch in the ultrasounds?  He’s feet have been hidden for a long time, are they ok?  And yesterday, I was looking at older ultrasounds pictures and had myself completely convinced he didn’t have a nasal bone in any of them.  Mark told me I was nuts and convinced me to come back down to Earth.  He’s right – the doctor would have told us at our 18 week scan if there were any anomalies/abnormalities since that was the purpose of the scan!  She had told us everything looked perfect.  So, I’m trying not to worry about that, but I can’t help it.  If I’m not worrying about what disability or disease he’s going to have, I’m worrying about SIDS after he’s born.  I’m just a worrier I guess. 



All of our showers are now done.  I am overwhelmed by the wonderful gifts were given by so many people!  All four showers were great – big thanks to my sister, Ashley, for the huge shower she threw for us at our house.  I’m sure it wasn’t easy, especially with all of the people that RSVP’d!  My sister-in-law, Krista, who had some tough schedules to work with while trying to keep up with her designing business.  My amazing coworkers who took me to lunch at Kieran’s and spent way too much on our amazing gifts.  And, last but not least, our friends Molly, Chip, Jenn, Scott, Jaime, and Eric for celebrating our baby boy with us.  Molly made us a delicious lasagna with garlic bread, and Jenn and Scott even brought me some alcohol removed wine!  It was great!  I can’t wait for everyone to meet him.  Below are just a few pics of some of the awesome gifts we received.  

Mark’s mom made this adorable sweater for our little guy.  She knitted the entire thing.  It’s so nice and we can’t wait for him to wear it home from the hospital!

Mark’s Grandma, Mary, made this awesome hockey blanket.  Mark absolutely loves it, and I’m sure he’ll be fighting our son over who gets to use it!

A handmade blanket from our friend, Molly.  She even stitched all of the puppies by hand!

The Ergo baby carrier we got from my coworkers!  They also got us an awesome Graco Pack and Play I don’t have a picture of because it’s not set up, but the one in the pic below is exactly what we got. Great people I work with!!

Mark’s man-diaper bag.  It’s awesome!  Has a list of recommended things to keep in the diaper bag, as well as a changing pad!  Thanks, Vicky!

We received so many more wonderful gifts, like the way over the top gift basket we got from Jenn and Scott (it had a Blooming Bath, Johnson and Johnson bath set, towels, a dinosaur robe and so much more… They spoiled us!), the spoons from Grandma Mary that Mark’s mom and uncles used when they were babies, an Honest Company care package from Jaime and Eric… The list goes on!  We seriously know the best people!!  I’m so excited for our little guy to get here and meet everyone and see how many people are already head over heels with him 🙂