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Ultrasounds, Aches and Pains, Showers, and Nesting!

I had my weekly ultrasounds on February 3 and February 10. Both went great. He moved, practiced breathing, and did everything he was supposed to so he scored the normal 8/8. Meaning a non-stress test wasn’t needed either time. I’m so glad I haven’t had to do a NST test (even though I hear they’re not bad, just boring). The ultrasound tech did give me a picture at his February 3, ultrasound, and I snagged a picture of his test results too.



These appointments are so time consuming. They schedule each ultrasound for 30 minutes in case it takes long for the baby to move/practice breathing, but he’s been so fast each time that I just end up sitting and waiting. My most recent ultrasound was at 8 am. The ultrasound was done at 8:07 am, and my prenatal appointment didn’t start until 9 am. If that wasn’t bad enough, my midwife was 20 minutes late, so I didn’t actually get out of the doctor until just after 9:30 am. It also seems that whenever they’re running a little late, there quality of service goes way down. She was literally walking out the door and I said, “Hey, can I ask two questions?!?” She was sorry and said, “Of course!” Still, I shouldn’t have to feel too rushed to ask questions, especially when I’ve been sitting there waiting. My next ultrasound isn’t until February 20, followed by the next growth scan on February 27.

 Aches and Pains
I’m starting to understand how some women get to the end of pregnancy and are just ready for the baby to get the hell out. I’m getting to that point. I’m still so happy when I feel him moving around, but he’s gotten quite large and hard to carry around now. And, he could still gain three more pounds! I’m having bad back pains if I’m sitting too long or standing too long, and also have a lot of pelvic pain. This is apparently from the pelvis starting to loosen to get ready for the baby to come out. Great. It hurts the most when I first stand up, and then it subsides as I walk around, but is still pretty uncomfortable. And the swelling! My feet and ankles have been swelling pretty terribly. I’ve been sitting at home with my feet up a lot. I also had very bad heart palpitations – so bad they were keeping me up at night. After talking to my doctor at my February 3 appointment, she told me palpitations are normal, and that they can be awful. For my own piece of mind she said I could go in to the heart clinic and get a holter monitor and be monitored for 24 hours to verify the palpitations were just normal palpitations. I made the appointment for a few days later. I was going to go, but the day before my appointment to have it hooked up, the palpitations basically stopped! I feel one maybe once a day now, but before they were every 15-20 minutes. So, I haven’t been worried about them and the doctors told me not to worry about getting the holter unless it starts up again and I’m nervous and want to get the monitoring.

Also, I apparently have thumb tendonitis in both hands. I went to the occupational therapist (recommended by my obgyn assuming I had carpal tunnel) February 2. She gave me a few tests and said that it’s actually not related to my pregnancy, and it’s not carpal tunnel. I’m not sure I buy into that… I’ve never had any tendonitis issues before, and I haven’t been doing anything more strenuous with my hands since being pregnant. She gave me splints that I’m supposed to wear as often as possible. I can wear one all day, no problem, but wearing two basically isn’t possible. So, since my left is worse, I’m wearing that one all the time and then also wearing my right one at night. She wants me to do weekly physical therapy, but I’m not going to. She taught me the massages and stretches to do, so I’ll just keep doing those and wearing the braces hoping it gets better so I can actually hold my son when he gets here! I’m also hoping she’s wrong and it is pregnancy related, and goes away after I give birth – we’ll see.

Here’s a pic of my awesome splint for my left hand (right looks the same).


My sister threw me my first baby shower this weekend, February 7. It was great. I was overwhelmed by all the wonderful presents and people that showed up. We had it at our house since my sister and niece are living with us at the moment. Cleaning the whole house really sucked when my feet and back hurt so much, but Mark helped a ton, so that was a life saver. We played four games: (1) Baby Name Tags – everyone had a name tag and their name was baby related (bottle, swaddle, changing table, etc). Everyone had to use the names on the name tags, and if you accidentally said someone’s real name, you had to take off your tag and were out of the prize running.; (2) Face to Face – there were two pictures of both me and Mark’s faces. Two teams were put together and combined the pictures to form a face that our baby would look like. These turned out pretty hilarious, and it was super fun to judge.; (3) Famous Moms – everyone had a card with a celebrity mom on it and each person had to hold it on their forehead without seeing who it was, while everyone else was shouting out clues. Each person was timed and the top times received prizes.; and (4) Gestational Animals – each person had a list of animals on the left, and number of days the animal is pregnant on the right. Everyone had to match the days to the animal. I actually won this one with only two wrong, but forfeited my prize so the guests could get as many as possible. We had a great turnout too [Ashley, Tina, Tootsie, Cheryl, Grandma Goski, Aunt Kim, Emma, Jaime, Deb, Lacy, Vicky, Charlena, Joanie, SaGonna, Rebecca, Pandie, Grandma Mary, and the kids (Grace, Sarah, Izzy, and Sam)]. Mark and my dad were hanging out at the house during the shower, and were able to sneak in and see a few of the games. Mark helped open presents – my hands were sore and I needed help, plus I think he wanted to help. He was pretty excited about a few of the presents – his man diaper bag from Vicky, the Ron Swanson onesies from Rebecca, and the beautiful, handmade hockey blanket from Grandma Mary.

We have three showers left! My sister-in-law, Krista, is throwing us a shower in Spooner, WI (for Mark’s family)February 21, my work is throwing us one February 24, and our friend Molly is throwing us one February 28 for just a small group of friends. We are so lucky to have such great friends and family! 

We’re finally starting to feel like we’re getting somewhere on the nursery and the baby stuff! We have a lot of organizing to do, but the nursery is painted, most furniture is put together, and we are checking things off our list left and right. I’m not sure what to do for curtains yet, but Jaime told me she’ll help, so I’ll be counting on her! Maybe she and I can get started on those this weekend. I guess this is the nesting period, as they say. I’ll post a few pics of the nursery when it’s all set up.

We’re also almost done with our birthing class! We have one class left on Tuesday, February 17. A pediatrician will be coming in and giving us some info while also letting us ask a bunch of questions. I’m really looking forward to this last class! I have a lot of questions for the pediatrician! The class has been very helpful, but I really don’t think it needed to take six weeks. I think it easily could have all been covered in three weeks.