Doctor Appointments, Ultrasounds

32 Week Growth Scan

The weekly appointments have started! January 27 we had our first weekly appointment. It was great. It started with a growth scan. I’m 32 weeks 2 days, and after taking all of his measurements, he’s measuring 32 weeks 2 days exactly. His head measured around 33-34 weeks, his belly around 32-33, but overall it was 32 weeks 2 days. Our perfect baby boy! She did mention that his stomach was being pressed on a little by one of his legs, so he might actually be measuring a little more ahead than that, but she gave her best guess. And he has hair! Not a ton, but she showed us where the hair on the back of his head was – a little peach fuzz she said! He weighed around 4 lbs 8 oz (plus or minus 11 oz – seems like a lot to be plus or minus!). He also got an 8/8 on his BPP (biophysical profile). Apparently, if he ever doesn’t get an 8/8, then I have to do a NST (nonstress test). Hopefully he just keeps doing what he’s doing and we won’t have to worry about it. He was feisty again today – punching and kicking at the ultrasound wand. The ultrasound tech thought it was funny – especially since I had just told her that he’s not usually the most active in the morning – usually more active at night. Every ultrasound tech we’ve had has mentioned how much he punches and kicks at the wand – it’s kind of funny. I feel like he already has a bit of personality in there!

I’m not sure why I have to have the weekly BPP tests – I sent an email to my doctor asking about it just now. Previously, the doctor told me that I’m a low risk pregnancy, and this is just their standard protocol, but I want to double check. Seems like a lot of unnecessary testing, but at least I get to see the bambino every week. We didn’t get a picture today because he’s already head down with his head towards my back so she couldn’t get a great shot. We did see his face a few times, so I’m not sure why she didn’t just snap the picture quick, but oh well. She printed out the growth scan and BPP results, and I didn’t take a picture thinking I would get to keep it. But, then I had to give it to the midwife I had my prenatal appointment with. Oh well… I’ll get one next time. My next growth scan isn’t until 36 weeks, but I’m a lot less worried since I’ll be seeing him weekly from now until he’s born. Oh, and my blood pressure was back to normal today 116/79. Not sure why it was out of whack at my last appointment.

Mark started painting the nursery this weekend! The Dior Gray (Benjamin Moore) is done, and now he just needs to finish the trim and paint the three white stripes on one wall. That paint was expensive – $57 for one gallon! I think I probably could have found a similar color I liked at Menards or something for half the price, but oh well. One gallon covered the whole room, and there’s a little leftover, so I’m not going to complain. Hopefully the rest of the painting will be done before this weekend so we can focus on putting all the furniture together and doing some canvas art with the awesome fabric I got from the best fabric store, SR Harris (see below – it was only $5-6 per yard!).


I thought it would be nice to have the nursery as close to done as possible before our Shower next Saturday on February 7.

Things are starting to feel pretty real… I’m so excited, and so nervous. I feel like there’s still so much to do, and at times I feel like there’s no time before the baby gets here. Other times I feel like the baby can’t get here soon enough! It has gotten a lot more difficult to put on socks and tie my shoes, so I try to have Mark do that for me as much as possible. He’s the best. I feel bad having him do so much for me, but he is more than willing to help. He really is the greatest man in the world – I’m so lucky to be with him. Now… if only we could settle on a name…

I actually got this fortune this week at Leeann Chin!


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