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Ultrasound, Doctor Visits, and Glucose Test

Time to catch up!  2015 is here – the year I become a mom!  So, what’s happened since my last post.  Well, we had our level two ultrasound on December 22, and everything looked wonderful.  They were FINALLY able to get a complete look at his heart because he wasn’t hiding under my belly button, and they said he looked perfect.  So, no more level 2s needed!  He keeps growing and growing and he looks so amazing.  I can’t wait to see him in person.  Funny thing, when Mark and I were at his parents house for Christmas, we were looking through scrapbooks and saw some pictures of him when he was a baby.  One picture really stood out because I noticed the profile looked just like our son’s in his most recent ultrasound picture.  See for yourself below!  Maybe I’m just seeing it because I think he’ll look like Mark, or maybe I’m not and these two profiles actually do look really similar!
At the ultrasound we were also given the baby’s weight!  He was 2 pounds, 10 ounces at 27 weeks 1 day.  The average for that age is about 2 pounds, 3 ounces.  He’s a little big, but he’s still in the “normal” range, so nothing to worry about!
Baby Weight Dec 22 redacted
I haven’t been too crazy about taking pregnancy pictures, but I decided I probably should.  I don’t know if Mark and I are going to try for another baby after our son is born, but we’ll see.  So, I thought I better capture the memories just in case.  I was 27 1/2 weeks pregnant on Christmas – looking very pregnant in the picture below.
27 Weeks - Christmas
Back to more doctor visits, I had a glucose test on December 29.  I read terrible horror stories about how awful the drink is and how a lot of women get sick after drinking it because you have to finish it in five minutes.  Well, I didn’t think it was that bad – I mean, I wouldn’t drink it for fun, but I’ve had worse.  And five minutes wasn’t a problem for me… I had the whole thing down in a minute.  It basically tasted like flat, very sugary Sprite.  So, I drank it, then met with my midwife Kaisa for a quick prenatal visit, then waited for the rest of the hour to pass so I could get my blood test.  I found out my test results the next day through Park Nicollet’s MyChart system.  I passed with a 131.  Phew!  I’ve heard this is above the cut off for some, more strict clinics, but Park Nicollet’s cut off is 138, so I passed!  Just to be on the safe side, I checked the Mayo Clinic’s website, and according to them, if you are below 180, you pass… I’ll trust Mayo any day!  If I would have failed this test, the next step would have been to take another test – a three hour test – but no need to worry about that now since I passed the hour test! Below are pictures of the drink I had to finish in five minutes for the glucose test.
Glucose Drink 1Glucose Drink 2
At my appointment, I talked to Kaisa about flying since we were still planning on taking our trip to Orlando January 8 – 12.  She said not to worry and to go have fun.  So we did!  I brought with a “fit to fly” letter from my doctor just in case, but was never asked to show it.  We flew Sun Country and took advantage of their cheap upgrades so we were able to fly first class roundtrip.  I was 29 weeks, 4 days pregnant when we left, and 30 weeks, 1 day pregnant when we returned. First class was needed… I used that bathroom a lot!  If we do have another baby in the future, I can tell you I won’t fly in my third trimester again.  After three hours, my back was hurting, my legs were hurting, and I was so sick of getting up to pee that I was miserable.  However, I don’t think it would be an issue at all if we would have went a few weeks earlier.
It was so nice to get out of Minnesota in January.  The weather wasn’t great our first day – hovered around 50, but compared to MN (-2), it was fine!  The next two days were much nicer… Mark, my little sister (Emma), and my niece (Grace), were even warm enough to swim in the ocean at Cocoa Beach on Sunday, January 11! The water was too cold for me, but I was perfectly happy sitting on the beach with my sister (Ashley) taking pictures!
When we got back, I had a doctor appointment on January 15.  The appointment was just a short prenatal checkup.  The carpal tunnel seems to be starting in my right wrist (it’s been terrible in my left since I was about 20 weeks pregnant).  So, that’s a bummer.  I mentioned it to Dr. Covert and she again recommended wrist braces, so I think I’m going to buck up and get some.  Also, my blood pressure was way higher than normal.  My last few tests were right around 117 over 70, and this test was 130 over 80!  They had me take a urine test to check for protein, which came back clean, then told me not to worry since this technically still isn’t high blood pressure.  They’ll just keep checking it at my upcoming weekly appointments, so I’ll try to relax about it.
So what’s next for us… well, we started birthing class on January 13.  I’m not sure how they’re going to make this class last six weeks, but we’ll stick it out so we can be as prepared as possible.  Also, my dreaded 30th birthday was this week.  I turned 30 on January 14th… eeek!  So far, I’ve been dealing with it just fine.  It really helps having my little baby kicking me night and day 🙂  hard to be upset when I get to feel (and see!) him moving around so often!
My weekly ultrasounds start on January 27.  Seems crazy to get an ultrasound every week, but that’s their practice for all pregnancies once you hit 32 weeks.  This way they have a good eye on the baby and are able to catch any issues such as the cord being wrapped around something it shouldn’t.  So, I’ll be there every week getting to see him!

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