Doctor Appointments, Ultrasounds

Anomaly Scan (18-22 weeks)

Well, the big ultrasound is done! We ended up keeping our original appointment because we didn’t hear back from the perinatal department in time to reschedule. When we did hear from them (4pm the day before our 7am appt), they let us know they wouldn’t be able to get us in for a few weeks. I told them I was too nervous and needed to get in just to ease my mind. So, we went in…
The appointment went really well. The tech was able to see almost everything. It’s pretty unbelievable how this baby is so tiny, but has all of it’s parts! Unfortunately, the baby was incredibly wiggly, so the tech wasn’t able to get an angle where she could see the whole heart. This, along with the fact that I wasn’t able to keep any water down (thank you morning sickness) so they couldn’t see the base of the placenta, means we still have to go in for a level 2 ultrasound, but I can rest assured that everything looks great. We’ll just get the level 2 so they can get a few pictures of the entire heart, and have me on a full bladder to better evaluate the placenta.

I was of course a nervous wreck this morning. Mark was staying very calm… I think that was mostly for me… I’m sure he was just as nervous. When he saw the baby moving, kicking, waving, etc., he was ecstatic. This was the first time he saw the baby moving. I was equally happy. However, all the moving made things a little more complicated for the tech doing the measurements! She didn’t seem to mind though, and she laughed a lot. She was excellent; she explained everything she was measuring and told us right away if that meant it was good or bad. We luckily had zero bads! All goods and greats. Then, she told us the gender. To our complete surprise, we’re having a BOY! We were sure it was a girl using all the theories, tests, and Ramzi Theory, but those were all wrong… our little one is indeed a boy! The proof is below!


I’m so glad we had this appointment. We have confirmation that everything looks great, she gave us 10 ultrasound pictures, and we got to sit back and watch our baby boy move around for 45 minutes. It was amazing. In a way, I’m kind of glad we get to have a level 2, because I can’t wait to see him again! We met with Kaisa (our midwife) after our ultrasound and she confirmed that everything looks great, they just need a few more pictures from different angles. She made it very clear that I need to stop worrying because everything is looking wonderful, and it is highly unlikely that anything will go wrong at this point. That will help me rest for the next few weeks at least.  And, we can make our announcement before Halloween!


On another note, we got all signed up for our child birth class. It was $110 and starts the beginning of January and lasts six weeks. Unfortunately it’s on Thursdays, so I’ll have to record Thursday Night Football, but that’s ok… it was the only day they offer. It’s actually starting to feel real to me now. We may actually have a son to hold in our arms in five months! Better get working on his nursery!


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