Doctor Appointments, Doppler, Ultrasounds


We went in for a quick check-up last week, just because I was nervous since I hadn’t been seen in awhile. The midwife, Kaisa, (at Park Nicollet we have a doctor for 1/2 of the appointments, and a midwife for 1/2) played the heartbeat on the doppler and confirmed it sounded great. It was between 145-156. She said that around this stage 120-160 is normal. I was a little relieved to know that what I was picking up at home on our doppler was the right sound, and it was in the normal range. So that was good.

But, then she told me she wanted to change my next ultrasound. Out appointment for our anomaly scan was scheduled for 10/23, so I’d be 18 weeks 5 days. They prefer waiting until 20 weeks. Kaisa said she’d like to have it moved to 10/27 so I’ll be 19 weeks, 1 day for a level 2 ultrasound due to my weight. Great. Not only do I have to wait longer to find out the gender, but now I’m terrified something will be wrong and that’s why she wants the level 2. So, I’m waiting for perinatal to call me back to reschedule, and I’m constantly worrying about something being wrong. I know this scan will give us a good idea that things are either looking good or there are problems, so there’s lots of worrying right now. Even though chances are slim, I’m terrified to the point of it keeping me up at night. I wonder if all pregos are this worried before this scan, or if I’m in the minority. I wasn’t worried until she told me I needed a level 2. On the other hand, a small part of me is just eager to know… One way or the other. If the baby is healthy and looking good at this scan, I feel like I’ll be able to rest easier the remainder of my pregnancy. And, if it’s found that the baby has abnormalities, at least I know and can prepare – although I’m not sure how to prepare for something like that.

Also, and this is ridiculous, I was really looking forward to announcing our pregnancy before Halloween with a pumpkin gender reveal. If all goes well 10/27, we’ll still be able to do that, but they haven’t rescheduled yet so I’m worried about getting in on time since level 2 scans are only done Mondays… Meaning 10/27 is the last chance before Halloween! That’s definitely a minor worry compared to the scan itself. We do not care one way or the other on gender… We’re just praying our baby is healthy and doesn’t have any defects.

On a positive note, I think I’m starting to feel the baby move. I’m not entirely sure if that’s what I’m feeling, but I’m thinking it is. It feels like part of my stomach is stretching, then it goes back to normal… And it’s kind of a funny feeling. Sometimes it feels like bubbles are being blown inside my stomach. It’s hard to describe. I hope that’s what it is! And I hope I start to feel it more!


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