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13 Week Appointment

I went and saw the doctor for my 13 week appt on 9/18/14. Technically, I was 13 weeks 4 days, but who’s counting?!? It went really well. I got my flu shot with the nurse before the doctor came in, so that’s another to do I can cross of my list. My husband asked if he should come to the appt, but when I called to ask what would be done, the nurse line said just a doppler and time for questions. Since we have a doppler at home, I told him not to miss work, that I would get the bean on the doppler at home that night. Way wrong answer. My doctor rolled in the ultrasound cart and let me sit and watch for a few minutes! I was so happy, but sad. I got to see our child moving around, kicking, rolling… It was wonderful. I even got to see a really good angle of the bean’s hand. I felt so guilty and sad that Mark wasn’t there with me. I feel like I took that from him. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! I called him after and told him, and he was so upset. Pretty sure he’ll be at every appt going forward. I wish the nurse line would have at least told me it was a possibility! It was the first time I’ve had an abdominal ultrasound as well – much easier than the transvaginal, but the picture clarity isn’t nearly as clear since it’s still so early. Pic below.


Our next appt is 10/23. I’ll be 18 weeks, 4 days… Meaning we’ll get to find out the gender (hopefully)! I’ve read up on this Ramzi Theory, so we’re pretty sure it’s a girl, but can’t wait to find out for sure!

I’m finally starting to worry less and just enjoy being pregnant. Still fighting the nausea and other symptoms, but still couldn’t be happier 🙂