Doctor Appointments

First Ultrasound – DONE!

Well, the first ultrasound is done!  The bean is “fantastic” according to my practitioner.  He/she is measuring at 6 weeks, 5 days and had a heart rate of 141 bpm!  A strong little bean!  I was so nervous going in today.  I had completely convinced myself that there was no way I was still pregnant.  Mark (the Mr.) was able to make it to the appointment too.  He was so happy, and just couldn’t stop smiling.  Either could I.  I really liked my nurse practitioner today.  When I was pregnant before the nurse/ultrasound tech would go through and do all the test things and then finally tell me the me about the heartbeat, etc.  Today, the nurse practitioner right away said, “There’s baby with the heartbeat!”  I was so relieved!  Then she went on and did all the normal measurements and all that jazz.

Right now, we’re on cloud 9.  I’m trying not to get too optimistic, but it’s hard not too when I’m sooo excited 🙂  Because I miscarried in my only other pregnancy, they asked me to come in again next week (8/13) and if that goes well, then we can start seeing my normal obgyn again (may not have mentioned – we currently were seeing a reproductive endocrinologist at the U of Minnesota).  So, fingers crossed!  I hope I can stay relaxed…

 image (1)

141 Beats per minute!

image (2)

The little bean 🙂



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