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Today I am 10 weeks 2 days. My symptoms have basically started to subside except the frequent peeing, headaches, and exhaustion. We got our last ultrasound pic in the mail today… Ya! The cutest fetus in the world is now even cuter… See below ūüôā


We also decided to try our Sonoline B Fetal Doppler today. It is awesome. We paid like $55 on Amazon to get it. We’ve never had luck in the past (trying too early) so we decided to watch a YouTube video on using the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler. It’s a really helpful video. She goes through the sounds you might think are your baby – they’re not, and the sound that actually is. The most amazing sound in the world! We tried for about 15 minutes and were ready to give up, then we somehow stumbled on it! We both gasped, looked at each other and said, “That’s it!!” It only lasted 5-10 seconds, then the baby wiggled away. We tried again and got him/her for another 5 seconds but he/she wiggled away again! It was amazing…

We’re taking a vacation to Atlantic City/Niagara Falls in a few days (8/28-9/7). We’re bring our pup to the ocean so she can swim like crazy! We found a boarder to watch her everyday since our resort doesn’t allow dogs. We can pick her up as much as we want and bring her to the dog beach that’s only 5 miles away. I think I’m going to bring the doppler to ease my mind. Hopefully I keep finding a heartbeat and that’s what it does!

Doctor Appointments

Ultrasounds 2 and 3 Done!

I went to my second ultrasound on 8/13. I cannot begin to explain how nervous I was. After having a miscarriage last year, it’s hard for me to really be excited about getting pregnant this time. I just keep thinking that I’ll soon be told, sorry… you miscarried this one too. So stressful. So, I get to my appointment at 8:25 am (starts at 8:30). My husband couldn’t get out of work, so it was just me. I was texting him the entire time I was in the waiting room. The clinic was running 1/2 hour behind… great… more time to worry! So I finally get called back just before 9. I text him and said I was going in. The amazing nurse again told me right away. She said, “There’s the big baby!” Instant relief. The heart rate was fantastic at 171 bpm, and the little one was measuring 8 weeks 2 days. Because everything looked so “fantastic,” they told me I could go on to Park Nicollet for regular prenatal care. Yesss!!!


My first appointment was scheduled for 8/21. This was supposed to just be a prenatal visit with my doctor, but the doctors are pretty booked, so they scheduled my first appointment with a CNM (midwife). Fine by me. I did email my doctor and ask if there was any way I could get another ultrasound the day of my appointment. Knowing what happened last time, she said that would be fine. So, I go to my ultrasound first. This time, I’m even more nervous. I actually cried on the way to the appointment I was so scared of hearing bad news. I think being back at the same clinic where I miscarried before made it worse. So, I go in and get positioned… ultrasound lady comes in and does her thing. She doesn’t say anything to me for the first 15 minutes. She was just looking around and taking measurements. Nerves are going nuts! Then she turns on the tv screen in the room and says, “Here’s your baby – the flicker is the heartbeat.” I mention that I think he/she doesn’t look as defined as he/she did at my last appointment and ask if everything is ok. She says, yep… that’s normal. That’s it. But, I know they’re not supposed to say much, if anything. A little reassurance wouldn’t hurt though. They weren’t able to print me a picture because the machine was out of ink… She did agree to mail me one though and even had me fill out an envelop with my info. I really hope she sends it. At this point, I don’t know what the heart rate is or the gestational age, so I wait another hour for my doctor appointment.

My doctor appointment goes great. She tells me all the details about the ultrasound and says everything looks wonderful. Heart rate is 176 bpm, and the baby is measuring at 9 weeks 4 days. Because everything looks so great, we are moved into the low risk category and don’t need to come back until 9/18. I’m not sure how I feel about that… I might see if I can come in for an ultrasound after we get back from vacation (week of Sept 8). Here’s hoping!

I was told to switch my prenatal vitamins from my delicious Target gummy vitamins, to the big vitamins that have iron (Nature Made Prenatal Multi). She said the Target ones are great, but don’t have any iron, so I should switch as soon as I was feeling better. I bought them right after the appointment. They’re huge and the iron has some interesting digestion side effects, but if it’s better for Baby, I’m in. Below is the vitamin I switched to. It has everything she recommended.



I’m still not ready to tell my family/friends. I’m not sure when I’ll be comfortable telling everyone. It still seems unbelievable to me… I guess I’ll just have to decide on the fly! We do have a cute announcement planned as long as we get that far, which I’ll post on her when we’re ready. So far only four people know (me, my husband, my sister, and my boss (needed to tell her since I had so many appts). I’m scared telling anyone else will jinx it…

Doctor Appointments

First Ultrasound – DONE!

Well, the first ultrasound is done! ¬†The bean is “fantastic” according to my practitioner. ¬†He/she is measuring at 6 weeks, 5 days and had a heart rate of 141 bpm! ¬†A strong little bean! ¬†I was so nervous going in today. ¬†I had completely convinced myself that there was no way I was still pregnant. ¬†Mark (the Mr.) was able to make it to the appointment too. ¬†He was so happy, and just couldn’t stop smiling. ¬†Either could I. ¬†I really liked my nurse practitioner today. ¬†When I was pregnant before the nurse/ultrasound tech would go through and do all the test things and then finally tell me the me about the heartbeat, etc. ¬†Today, the nurse practitioner right away said, “There’s baby with the heartbeat!” ¬†I was so relieved! ¬†Then she went on and did all the normal measurements and all that jazz.

Right now, we’re on cloud 9. ¬†I’m trying not to get too optimistic, but it’s hard not too when I’m sooo excited ūüôā ¬†Because I miscarried in my only other pregnancy, they asked me to come in again next week (8/13) and if that goes well, then we can start seeing my normal obgyn again (may not have mentioned – we currently were seeing a reproductive endocrinologist at the U of Minnesota). ¬†So, fingers crossed! ¬†I hope I can stay relaxed…

 image (1)

141 Beats per minute!

image (2)

The little bean ūüôā



Getting the News

Today was a pretty big news day for Mark and me. ¬†This may be over-sharing but it will give you a little insight into my crazy way of thinking… so, I was pretty late on my period this month… by like a month. ¬†I haven’t always had the most normal cycle, so I didn’t really think too much about it. ¬†Until that last two weeks. ¬†I started developing all these symptoms – what normal people would call pregnancy symptoms. ¬†Would I call them that? ¬†Of course not… especially not after Google confirmed for me that they were not pregnancy symptoms, they were clearly ovarian cancer symptoms. ¬†Yep… that’s where my mind went this morning. ¬†So, instead of calling the doctor like a normal woman and asking for a pregnancy test, I call and say, “I think I have cancer and need some tests.” ¬†Luckily, they got me in today. ¬†When I received the call the nurse, Melissa, told me they weren’t going to put me on anything to induce my period and that it would probably be a bad idea because I’m pregnant! ¬†I literally yelled “WHAT??” into the phone… she laughed. ¬†I think she could tell I was shocked, and on cloud nine. ¬†My husband and I had great news like this once before… it ended in miscarriage at 10.5 weeks – devastating. ¬†But, today is about the happy news, not the grief and sadness… I’m sure that will still peek out in future posts.

So, I’m trying to be optimistic. ¬†This one will end in a happy, healthy baby. ¬†But, I’m already anxious. ¬†I’m going in for my first ultrasound next week to, as nurse Melissa said, “take a peek at the Bambino.” ¬†Ha. ¬†Love it. ¬†This blog is meant to kind of put my pregnancy and motherhood (praying we make it that far) journey in writing.

I don’t really have much to report today my body feels disgusting, I have acne for the first time in my life, my boobs hurt more than I would have thought possible, and every 30 minutes I think I’m going to throw up. ¬†Easily one of the best days of my life… ¬†I look forward to sharing my story…